Raising Them Right

GlowLime is now the proud parent of three games! While still in their infancy and not quite ready to meet the world, we would like everyone to get to know them and get excited for when they make their debut!






“Deathless” launches the player into a world where death is impossible and immortality is normal. However, the player, either through chance or fate, has discovered how to kill.




Solve puzzles and watch how your choices mold the world around you. Is your gift a blessing or a curse? Is killing a punishment or a blessing and release? It is up to you to decide.


“Letters to Reid”




“Letters to Reid” is a project near and dear to its Creative Director, Martha Hollister, who began this project in memory of her brother.

The player will navigate a labyrinth of tunnels, collecting letters and memories to Reid while eluding a sinister shadow that stalks them.



Representative of coping with grief, this game promises to lend gravity and suspense to our set of releases!


“His Excellency’s Chef”


screenshot 1 chef


“His Excellency’s Chef” lends more levity to this season’s projects by providing a quirky game about running a kitchen for a medieval lord.

You’ll be contending with everything from fires to assassination attempts to preparing His Excellency’s favorite dish: Whole Roasted Lamprey.


We hope that you are as excited about these new additions to the GlowLime family as we are! We’ll keep you posted as they grow and help you stay abreast of them!

Remember to come to play testing later on to help us improve them and see how the games work before they’re released!