The Draft- Open Positions at GlowLime Games!



It’s that time of the year that you should start thinking about what you will be doing next semester. While you’re ruminating over that, consider applying for GlowLime Games’s Management Team!

If you are at all interested in game development, then we likely have a position for you, even if you do not have programing or artistic skills.

We on the management team are the force that makes sure that projects stay on track, involve the community, schedule GlowLime for events like PAX East, advertise our students’ work, and do everything else that keeps the wheels turning!

The positions we are looking to fill are thus:

  • Deputy Director
  • Director of Mentorship
  • Assistant Technical Director
  • Assistant Hiring Manager
  • Assistant Budget Manager
  • Auxiliary Projects Manager
  • Deputy Five College Liaison
  • Mount Holyoke Liaison


Working with us is a great way to network, build your resumé, get a taste of what management is like, and it can be a load of fun too!

If you are at all interested in applying, please click this link to find the application page!

If you want to know more about what a position entails, below are the details for each.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email and we will be happy to answer your inquiries!

Deputy Director:
– Second in command after the Executive Director
– Assist with the leadership of the Management team
– One of the primary faces of the organization
– Involved in networking, major hiring and project decisions, and event planning
– First choice to fill the Executive Director position upon vacancy

Assistant Hiring Manager:
– Assist the Hiring Manager with forming the teams and selecting the projects for Official GlowLime Games
– Provide support to onboard new collaborators and managers
– Document Hiring Processes and Procedures
– First choice to fill the Hiring Manager position upon vacancy

Assistant Events Coordinator:
– Provide support to the Events Department
– Fill out event applications
– Contact and coordinate with outside organizations
– Coordinate with Budget to fund and plan events
– First choice to fill a Event Coordinator position upon vacancy

Assistant Budget Manager:
– Provide support to the Budget Department
– Draft Grant Proposals
– Maintain Budget Records
– Make decisions regarding the allocation of funds
– First choice to fill a Budget Manager position upon vacancy

Auxiliary Projects Manager:
– Meet with Creative Directors to check in about the status of projects
– Maintain records of pitches, ongoing projects, and projects in stasis
– Handle the Pitch & Interest Meeting Presentation
– First choice to fill Assistant Projects Manager position on vacancy
– Second choice (after Assistant) to fill Chief Projects Manager position on vacancy

Deputy Five College Liaison:
– Assist the Chief Liaison in coordinating and communicating with organizations across the Five College
– Assist in creating official student groups to represent GlowLime on campuses within the Consortium
– Network with faculty, administrators, student leaders, and staff in the Consortium to build connections
– Support the student groups that represent GlowLime Chapters on individual campuses
– First choice to fill the Chief Five College Liaison Role upon vacancy

Mount Holyoke Liaison:
– Specialized secondary position
– Mount Holyoke students preferred
– Help the Five College Liaison department in outreach efforts to Mount Holyoke:

Note: At current, GlowLime’s lowest engagement across the Five Colleges has been at Mount Holyoke. Therefore, we’re particularly dedicated to involving more students from the college in order to truly serve the game development needs of all five institutions.

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