Fall[ing Into Step]

All right folks! Fall’s here and, just like the industry we’re a part of, GlowLime is ready to crank out a mess of new stuff for players to enjoy and for industrious, budding game developers to learn from!

Work continues on Deathless, our point and click adventure game begun last semester. It has come far since we first announced it in February. We’re eager to dive back into it and are happy to share these tantalizing pictures from the minds in our creative team!

Make sure to stay in touch to hear more!

Next up is our 2D multiplayer versus brawler: Mastery. Focusing on knightly combat with swords and shields, this installment promises to leave all involved glued to their workstations so that we can bring you more news!

Likewise, we are anxious to develop Mystras, our first analogue game. With the international hit Magic The Gathering granting some inspiration, Mystras will be a tactics-based card game that will be both accessible and satisfying for your fantasy sweet-tooth.

Furthermore, for those who want more of an introduction to game production, we are beginning our open source project Doggo Dash! An infinite runner revolving around dogs and doggy obstacles, this project will serve as the optimal way for new developers to collaborate, exercise their skills, and settle into their place with GlowLime!

In the vein of improving our students’ experiences, we have also introduced what our Executive Director Joel Esquilin refers to as our “Flaming Hoop assignment.” This serves to involve students in the development process and lay the foundations of our new teams before the semester even begins!

I should also mention that, as always, we are seeking new blood for our management team! Without these talented folks, it would be impossible to bring passionate students together and GlowLime would not exist. Even if you are not involved or interested in the technical aspects of game development, management will have a place for you!

For more information on what each position entails, check this out: Management Structure – GlowLime

To apply for management, follow this link!

Otherwise, enjoy the weather, enjoy school, and enjoy our work!

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