Academic Credit

For All Five College Students*

To obtain independent study credit for your work with GlowLime, please follow these steps:

  1. Discuss with your advisor
  2. Submit your college’s signed Independent or Special Studies form
    1. Hampshire Form
    2. Smith Form (More Info)
    3. For MHC Form: Please ask your Department Chair (More Info)
    4. For UMass Form: Pick up a hard copy at the Five College Interchange office (More Info)
    5. Amherst Form
  3. Review this document on working with Professor Ira Fay, and submit to him the materials listed therein
    1. Note: While Ira is the most familiar and adept at providing GlowLime Independent studies, we’re happy to speak with other professors about sponsoring studies if you contact our Five College Liaison department
  4. Allow professor Fay a week to review your materials
  5. Submit a Five College Course request for an Independent Study
    1. (Hampshire students skip this step)
  6. You’re done!

Please allow enough time for faculty members to consider and sign your forms. This must all be completed before the Add deadline

*Note: the Amherst CS department has thus far been unwilling to approve independent studies due to the lack of theory involved.

    For Hampshire Students (in addition)

    • We can offer 40+ hours of CEL1 credit
    • We can offer 40+ hours of CEL2 credit
    • We can offer internship credit that will appear on your transcript via Hampshire’s Learning Activity System

    For Other Students

    • We’ll do our best to coordinate with your institution to arrange for independent study or internship credit

    For Everyone (non-academic)

    • You can list GlowLime Games on your LinkedIn Profile
    • You can exhibit GlowLime projects in your portfolio
    • You can list GlowLime Games on your resume