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Ira Fay
Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Game Design, Hampshire College
Pat King
Owner, Woodpenny
Monty Sharma
Managing Director, MassDiGI
Tim Loew
Executive Director, MassDiGI
Jonathan Pedigo
Javascript Developer, Paintzen
Joshua Newman
Owner, The Glyphpress
Ryan Canuel
CEO, Petricore
TreaAndrea Russworm
Assistant Professor of English, UMASS Amherst
Eitan Mendelowitz
Assistant Professor of Computing and The Arts, Smith College
Tom Toynton
Associate Professor of Creative Arts & Technology, Bloomfield College
Mike Haas
Founder, Happy Wasteland Studios
Ichiro Lambe
Founder and President, Dejobaan Games
Eddie Pantridge
Hampshire Alum and Former GlowLime Manager
Tim Adan
Music Professional
Noah Marcus
Hampshire Alum and Former GlowLime Producer
Creath Carter
Professional Artist
Andrew Wilkinson
Gameplay Programmer