Management Alumni

Xiang Li
Former Director of Marketing
Xiang (Bill) Li, fascinated by how business works and operates. Currently studying business and finance at Hampshire College. Has an obsession with cars. Favorite games including Forza 6, iRacing and the Gran Turismo series. Has a whole setup of racing simulation in his attic.
Grace Barrett-Snyder
Former Hiring Manager & Assistant Technical Director
Grace is a Computer Science major at Smith College with experience in graphic design. She loves RPGs and the unique puzzles that come with programming. Self-motivated, Grace is dedicated to improving herself as a person and as a game developer.
Eddie Pantridge
Former Technical Director
Eddie is a computer science concentrator, with a focus on machine learning. He has spent three years researching computational intelligence and has experience creating business intelligence tools, data analytics, and mobile applications.
Lucy Gouvin
Former Budget Manager
Lucy Gouvin is a senior at Smith College, where she is pursuing a double major in Studio Art and Economics. Lucy produces video games, film, and theatre professionally in the Pioneer Valley with Fay Games, Through My Window, The Drama Studio, and Serious Play! Theatre Ensemble. She is proud to help start GlowLime as a creative environment for students to get real world experience working together on their projects. In addition to being the Budget Manager at GlowLime, Lucy is also the Company Manager of her theatre company, Real Live Theatre.
Mashi Zaman
Former Hiring Manager
Mashi is a Physics and Astronomy double-major at Amherst College. He considers writing a passion, and hopes to experiment with different ways of storytelling through future projects.
Ivana Yang
Former Assistant Events Coordinator
Ivana is a fourth year at Hampshire College, concentrating in illustration.
Nirman Dave
Former Budget Manager
A programming and entrepreneurship enthusiast. With over 200 different software and hardware projects to my credit, I have spoken at TEDx and several events to share my ideas with the world. After taking a drop year succeeding high school, I now study Entrepreneurship at MIT and pursue undergraduate from Hampshire College.
Brian Gonzalez
Former Hiring Manager
Brian is a first year at Hampshire College looking to get deeply involved with game development in the Five College area. He is primarily interested in the narrative and mechanical design of games but also has some production and programming skills.
Cole Arvidson
Former Director of Public Relations
Cole is a senior at University of Massachusetts: Amherst, concentrating in computer science and PR. He's experienced in outreach, business, and programming.
Sean Billson
Former Projects Manager
Sean is a fourth year at Hampshire College, concentrating in game development. He's experienced in game design, digital art, and public speaking.
Isaiah Mann
Former Executive & Technical Director
Isaiah is a computer science and game development concentrator at Hampshire College. He's worked on multiple shipped mobile games, interned for game development organizations, and worked as web developer for several studios.
Allegra C. Hughes
Former Operations Manager & Events Coordinator
Allegra is the founder of Chisa Studios and producer, voice actress, writer, audio editor, video editor, entrepreneur and an anime fanatic. She has shipped multiple games from mobile to PC. She enjoys directing, casting, managing, acting, writing and sound editing in the projects she's produced.
Jonathan Kittell-Queller
Former Five College Liaison
Jonathan is a fourth year at Hampshire College, concentrating in game development. He's experienced in game mechanic and narrative design, project management, and writing.
Caleb Finkelstein
Former Publishing Manager
Caleb is a fourth year at Hampshire College, concentrating in game development. He's experienced in graphic design, media analysis, and game design.
Sam Luangkhot
Former Assistant Operations Manager
Sam is a Studio Art major at Smith College who loves making narrative-based games and making friends! Aside from drawing, sleeping, and playing video games, Sam also loves working on and discussing games with other developers, either in-person or online.
Blake Anderson
Former Budget Manager
Blake is a fourth year at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, studying English and pursuing a certificate in film studies. He is interested in narrative design and PR.
Theresa Juliani
Former Event Coordinator
Theresa is studying narrative in game design with a touch of psychology. Theresa is also interested in games, game development, and dragons(?), and is going into third year at Hampshire, second year of Div II.
Matthew Waters
Former Five College Liaison
Matt Waters is a Hampshire Div II animation student. He is also a signer for Hampshire's game club Silicon Frogs.