A New Release and A New Beginning

It took some time and a lot of effort on the part of our development team, but we have now published the game “Lucid” on Google Play! This is a narrative exploration game for the Android in which hundreds of people go missing after a blackout that appears to coincide with the advent of an AI security system. The protagonist Isaac and his friends investigate the AI developer Dandelion and in the process discover living Nightmares that stalk in the shadows. Download it on the App Store a...

The Draft- Open Positions at GlowLime Games!

  It’s that time of the year that you should start thinking about what you will be doing next semester. While you’re ruminating over that, consider applying for GlowLime Games’s Management Team! If you are at all interested in game development, then we likely have a position for you, even if you do not have programing or artistic skills. We on the management team are the force that makes sure that projects stay on track, involve the community, schedule GlowLime for events like ...

Raising Them Right

GlowLime is now the proud parent of three games! While still in their infancy and not quite ready to meet the world, we would like everyone to get to know them and get excited for when they make their debut!   "Deathless"     “Deathless” launches the player into a world where death is impossible and immortality is normal. However, the player, either through chance or fate, has discovered how to kill.     Solve puzzles and watch how your choice...