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His Excellency's Chef
The game is set in a medieval kingdom, approximately Tudor England level of technology and variety of ingredients. The player is the head chef in the kitchen of a minor Lord, and your goal is to make feasts without mistakes, catering to the needs of the Lord and the guests, making greater and more fanciful and complex dishes as the game goes on.
Letters to Reid
Letters to Reid is a 2D exploration game where players collect letters which reveal a narrative of grief, loss, and healing. Players explore a system of tunnels and collect memories. The game aims to symbolically represent the experience of grief and also incorporate a personal narrative of grief.
Deathless is a point-and-click adventure game set in a world where death is impossible. Play as the one person who, by chance or by fate, discovers the ability to kill. Solve puzzles and make meaningful choices as you uncover the mystery of this world’s immortality. Judge for yourself - is it a blessing or a curse?
Defender's Light
A group of exiles banished from their homeland must traverse the forest of the damned in search of redemption. The forest happened to be inhabited by unspeakably horrible creatures of pure evil. Now, in their darkest hour, fleeing the insurmountable horde of undead, the exiles come to a clearing containing a mystical blue orb radiating light so intense it temporarily drives the horde back.
Lex The Wizard
When his mother mysteriously disappears, the young wizard Lex is tasked with finding a new home for his family on the brink of poverty. The land of Asphoria is charming, but Lex knows that terrors lurk within the lands beyond the borders of his former home.
The world's become a smaller place with access to everyone in it at our fingertips. But despite so many avenues between us, a lot is often left unsaid. In a slightly more advanced present, a mysterious new security system becomes popular in the App Store, allegedly built with AI to combat increasingly hostile digital threats.
The Experiment
The Experiment is a mystery/horror puzzle game. The player controls Tegan, a child who awakes to find themself an experiment in a facility where are animal subjects were no longer enough.
Winter Break
A game base on a college campus where avoiding increasing hordes of zombies is the main mechanic. Player will collect power ups throughout the map to support a longer survival time.
Despite the long wait for virtual reality technology, research into the subject has been rather limited. An often cited experiment by UCLA ( has rats traverse a virtual maze, the purpose of this was to monitor the hippocampus, the spatial control center, of the rats. The problem with this study is that rats rely heavily on their olfactory system to navigate and make spatial maps. Fortunately because this is virtual reality we can repurpose this into a game that may have some research value to the academic overlords.
Peace Superheroes
A dynamic and varied group of survivors of violence come together in an urban environment to form a team dedicated to transforming the frequent violence that surrounds them. Over the course of the game, they work through internal and external conflicts which help coalesce a tightly-knit and awe-inspiring group. Players will be entertained by richly imagined and unconventional characters responding to familiar yet dangerous situations of all magnitudes in surprising, creative and dramatic ways.