The Game

Deathless is a dark point and click puzzle/adventure game set in a world where people can no longer die. The world is overpopulated due to the endless life span. Different groups took power. One was the aristocrats who have through wealth and walled off cities made a prosperous life for themselves and on the other side of the spectrum are the cultists who seek to end immortality. Then there is everyone else simply trying to survive in this forsaken world.

Now where do you fit in? You have more power than anyone. Through strange circumstances that you do not understand you have gained the power to kill. You must travel the world to figure out why you have been given this power and along the way decide whether to make use of it and how to use it if you choose to.

You will ponder whether or not death is good, bad, or unimportant within this world. You will experience the ethical ramifications of death in a world that has felt its absence for so long. Should you kill others and if so is it a merciful or cruel act?

GlowLime Games

GlowLime’s aims are to build the community of professional game developers at Hampshire and the Five College area. To develop strong connections between Hampshire’s game dev community and others in the New England area. To provide students opportunities to work professionally in the game dev field. To produce products that bring prestige and recognition to Hampshire and its game development program.