Letters to Reid

Letters to Reid aims to combine symbolic representations of grief with a personal narrative of grief in an attempt to teach people about the experience of grief. Grief is a topic that is rarely discussed and is often seen as taboo. This leads to people being unsure of how to interact with those who are grieving, which leads to those who are grieving to feel isolated and alone in their experience.

This game aims to be a resource which gives those who haven’t experienced grief some understanding into what the experience is like and aims to remind those who have experienced or are experiencing grief that they are not alone.


GlowLime Games

GlowLime’s aims are to build the community of professional game developers at Hampshire and the Five College area. To develop strong connections between Hampshire’s game dev community and others in the New England area. To provide students opportunities to work professionally in the game dev field. To produce products that bring prestige and recognition to Hampshire and its game development program.


Martha Hollister

Martha Hollister is a Division III student at Hampshire College. When she was fourteen, her brother died in a car accident. Since then, she has been interested in the experience of grief and how it intertwines with the griever’s experience in society. Specifically, how taboo the subjects of grief and death are and how isolating the experience can be.

Martha finds it fitting that she is using a game to explore topics related to grief and her brother’s death, when the only reason she became interested in games was because her brother always needed a player two.