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In a morally gray, post-human obsessed society, there's a demand for perfection. But the science is terribly misguided: "The Experiment" 's protagonist Tegan is one unfortunate victim of a cruel experiment. Sick and blurry-eyed, Tegan awakens to find himself caged. With his headless-cat-companion Tolstoy, he learns of a deluded scientist intent on thwarting his escape, and of horrific mutations that lurk in the dark. Tegan must use all his wits to escape this decrepit laboratory and the horrors within in it.

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Cherylynn Lima 3D Artist, MastermindAdam Mullarkey Creative Director, ProgrammerAdam Roy Programmer, Game Designer, 3D Modeler

Joel Esquilin Co-Producer, Lead ProgrammerSean Bilson Co-ProducerThyne Boonmark Programmer, Game Designer

Olivia Vazquez Audio Designer