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Joel Esquilin
Executive Director
Joel is a third year at Hampshire College studying game dev and computer science at Hampshire. He's worked as programmer in multiple 300-level games courses at Hampshire and is developing a range of titles independently. He also served as the Producer & Lead Programmer for "The Experiment" during its first semester of development.
Marcus Maulucci
Projects Manager
Marcus is a game designer in the Five College area with a varied skillset including writing, digital art, game design and theory, social activism and education. In addition to working on Glowlime projects, she also tackles endlessly growing original game projects. Marcus is passionate and able to articulate and execute complex ideas.
Matt Hlady
Director of Public Relations
An English and Western Laws and Ethics duel degree student at UMass Amherst, Matt is also an Eagle Scout, martial artist, and aspiring novelist. His short fiction has appeared in “The Bowsprit,” “Down in the Dirt,” and “The Quick Brown Fox.” Right now, he’s looking for something he loves that will keep him fed and a roof over his head.
Hyeonseok Cho
Technical Director
Hyeonseok is a digital artist studying game development. He's previously worked on Defender's Light, Letters to Reid, Mastery and The Wound Man.
Hyeonseok Cho - 2D Artist
Bryan Prieto
Hiring Manager & Director of Mentorship
Bryan is a third year at Hampshire College studying game development and animation. He's previously worked on multiple GlowLime projects and shipped mobile game, Pirate Squabbles.
Zachary Metz
Assistant Hiring Manager and HR
Zack is a third year student at Hampshire College, studying Japanese language and anthropology. While he no longer studies game design, he still has a passion for gaming and wishes to make GlowLime as best as it can be by helping from the inside.
Matt Regan
Operations Manager
Matt Regan is a first year student at Hampshire college studying game development. Aside from games, he has an interest in comics, manga, theater, and biological science.

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