GlowLime Match

GlowLime Match is a service that matches project creators with interested game developers. Anyone with a concept can submit to GlowLime Match, and (pending Management approval) have it visible to everyone applying for GlowLime. GlowLime Match projects are not affiliated with GlowLime; the Match service is simply a matchmaking program we facilitate. After projects are posted, we will contact the project creators when game developers indicate they are interested. The project creators are responsible for reaching out to the interested individuals to build their teams. Here’s a full listing our current Match projects.

When submitting a project for GlowLime Match Approval, please send the following info to

  • Title of the Project (can be a working title)
  • Your Name and Contact Info
  • Brief Description of the Project
  • Starting Date for the Project (or if it’s already begun)
  • Platform (e.g. 3D PC Game, 2D Mobile Game, Board Game, Card Game, etc)
  • Team Positions You’re Looking to Fill